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The Children's Nutritionist,
Sarah Almond-Bushell, For Heinz Family

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Babies and young toddlers LOVE to put things in their mouths

Whether that’s their own fist, your phone, or the dog’s tail. But just to reassure you, this exploration of the world mouth-first is a completely normal – even beneficial – part of their development.

In our Good Mouth Guide, we’re on a mission to help parents understand why your little one loves to mouth everything they can get their hands on, helping you to embrace it with confidence and peace of mind.

With this new exploration however comes a parent’s concern for safety. We know there are some items that babies might try and put in their mouth which are dangerous, or choking hazards. That’s why we’ll share top tips for making your home a safe haven for discovery, along with ways to teach your baby or toddler what’s OK to mouth – and what’s not.Mouthing helps babies learn about their environment, soothes them, and even prepares them for successful weaning on to solid foods (and I think we need all the help we can get with that!). It’s a learning process that strengthens their muscles, aids in desensitising the gag reflex and has implications for their budding immune system.

With 90 years of experience in feeding babies, Heinz Family knows a thing or two about those early years. And we know how important giving your little one’s immune system the right support wherever you can is to parents. That’s why Heinz Family created its Immunity Support Pouches,with L Paracasei and Vitamin C.

Vitamin C supports the normal function of their immune systems, giving parents that little bit of extra reassurance just when they need it.

Enjoy, and happy mouthing! 


Click below to download the Good Mouth Guide
The Good Mouth Guide

The best everyday items (non-food, and food) for babies to mouth, and why

Their hands!

This is often how mouthing starts and babies have more control over where to put them, how far they go into the mouths.

Other body parts

Often the little gymnasts can chomp on their own feet!

A baby toothbrush

Perfect for getting them used to having a toothbrush in their mouths even before teeth erupt.


It’s good to have a variety of textures and shapes to enhance exploration and learning. Look for ones made from natural rubber or food grade silicone that’s BPA free.

A weaning spoon

These are often made from a warm, soft material like food grade silicone which is kind to irritated, teething-tastic gums.

Carrot sticks, sliced pepper, raw sugar snap peas or green beans

Perfect for babies from 6 months, and contrary to popular belief these are not a choking risk till your baby can bite chunks off (which is usually when they have teeth).

Refrigerated veggie sticks

Like cold cucumber can be soothing if your baby is mouthing in an attempt to relieve the dreaded teething pain.


43%of parents we surveyed said their little one had tried to stuff a mobile phone in their mouth!

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The Good Mouth Guide