1.1 The 57 Club operates as a redeemable points loyalty scheme. These points are called “Pointz” and any reference in these terms and conditions is referring to redeemable points and not a food product.

1.2 Membership to The 57 Club is open to any current Heinz to Home account-holder. The 57 Club programme is open to individuals for their personal/non-commercial use only. Groups/resellers may not participate and H.J. Heinz Foods UK Limited or its subcontractors (together hereinafter, “Kraft Heinz”) reserves the right to limit the number of Members in The 57 Club or change the terms of the programme at any time.

1.3 To join The 57 Club, shoppers can register for an account on https://heinztohome.co.uk/ (“Heinz to Home”) and selecting to ‘OPT-IN’ under the ‘My Rewards’ section. They will then become “Members”.


2.1 Members of The 57 Club can earn Pointz by making qualifying purchases on Heinz to Home (see section 2.2), or by completing qualifying actions (see section 2.9).

2.2 A qualifying purchase is deemed as any purchase made on Heinz to Home, confirmed and accepted by Kraft Heinz by email. In order to make a qualifying purchase, Members must be signed into their The 57 Club account at the time of the purchase.

2.3 For the avoidance of doubt, any purchase of Kraft Heinz products from another retailer or another website is not deemed as a qualifying purchase.

2.4 The number of Pointz earned for each order is dependent on the amount spent:

- Every £1 spent earns 10 Pointz

- 1 Point can be redeemed for £0.01 off (“credit”) on a qualifying purchase

2.5 However when calculating Pointz earned, the order value is rounded up or down to the nearest £0.50.

For example, if:

- your order value £0.00 -> £0.49 = 0 Points

- your order value £0.50 -> £1.49 = 10 Points

- your order value £1.50 -> £2.49 = 20 Points

2.6 Pointz will be calculated based on the final payment amount of the qualifying purchase after any discount has been applied but before any delivery costs have been added.

For example, if:

- your order value before delivery costs is £10;

- your delivery fees are £2.40; and

- you apply a 20% discount code (to the order value, not the delivery fees),

the order value before delivery fees is £8, and 80 Pointz will be earned.

2.7 Pointz will be added to the Member’s Pointz balance when the order has been dispatched and payment has been confirmed.

2.8 1.1 Subscriptions (as part of Subscribe and Save) initiated before the launch date of 2 May 2023 are not automatically eligible for Pointz (this includes recurring orders that are dispatched after this date). Members of The 57 Club with pre-existing subscriptions can contact Kraft Heinz and have Pointz manually added to their accounts for recurring orders which are completed post-The 57 Club launch date. Pointz are automatically earnt on new Subscribe and Saves set up post-The 57 Club launch date.

2.9 Additional Pointz may be earned by completing qualifying actions, for example:

- Completing a Profile = 350 Pointz for each genuine, unique Profile completed.

- Completing one-off surveys and feedback forms Kraft Heinz may make available for a period of time on Heinz to Home, or sent to the Member via their preferred communication method.

Kraft Heinz reserves the right to change or update qualifying actions and their associated Pointz at any time.


3.1 Members of The 57 Club can use Pointz to redeem credit at checkout. For example, 500 Pointz = £5 off (credit). Details of credit value and instructions on how to redeem credit can be found in the ‘My Rewards’ section located in ‘My Account’.

3.2 The Pointz earned on a qualifying purchase will be available to convert to credit 15 days post-dispatch.

3.3 Kraft Heinz reserves the right to amend the Pointz required to redeem credit at any time.

3.4 There is no minimum or maximum number of Pointz that can be redeemed for credit on an order.

3.5 Multiple credit may be used together in any single transaction / order.

3.6 Credit redemption may be used in conjunction with other discounts or promotions.

3.7 Credit discounts do not contribute towards qualifying thresholds for discounts or free shipping.


4.1 Pointz earned from qualifying purchases or actions have an expiry date of 365 days from the point at which they are added to the Pointz balance. Any Pointz not redeemed during this time will be removed from the Pointz balance and will not be able to be exchanged for credit or other discounts.

4.2 Credit values must be used within 90 days of the date of issue at which point the credit values will automatically expire.


5.1 If a Member of The 57 Club returns, exchanges or cancels a qualifying purchase for a refund, the Pointz earned for that order or part order will be deducted from the Pointz balance. Kraft Heinz reserves the right to adjust or deduct appropriate Pointz from a Member’s balance.

5.2 Any Pointz redeemed as credit against a qualifying order that is subsequently cancelled or refunded will be reissued to the account.


6.1 If the shopper chooses to ‘OPT-OUT’ and cancel their membership to The 57 Club, their Pointz disappear, and their account will show as ‘You are not currently signed up to our rewards programme’. If the shopper signs back in/re-opens their account at a later date, any unexpired Pointz (less than 365 days from the date of issue) will be reinstated to their The 57 Club account.

6.2 If the shopper has already converted their Pointz to credit, they can still use their credit to make a purchase on Heinz to Home provided that the credit is used within 90 days of being issued.