proper bangerz

Heinz fans are in for an absolute banger of a treat!

We have partnered with the nation’s favourite sausage, Richmond, to release all-new Heinz Beanz and Spaghetti with sausages. The two delicious new products act as permanent additions to our family and will replace the existing Beanz and Spaghetti with Sausages range.
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That’s right, these two delicious new products are here to stay. And the superior new taste is set to go down a storm with Heinz and Richmond fans alike.

The collaboration comes following our mission to elevate our sausage portfolio and improve the taste of popular products like Beanz and Spaghetti – a move that our fans have ‘bean’ crying out for. And with over a hundred years of expertise, Richmond are the perfect partner to take these family mealtime staples to the next level.

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Whether they’re perfectly poured over a jacket potato, or accompanying a speedy slice of toast, Heinz and Richmond has you covered with the ultimate solution to weekday winners for the whole family to enjoy, especially when time isn’t on your side.

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