Pasta alla Vodka had one of its biggest moments in history in 2020, when a certain supermodel and influencer created a viral sensation with their social media recipe for spicy vodka pasta, becoming one of the trendiest recipes on TikTok and Instagram. Now, one of the most iconic tomato sauce brands, Heinz, and one of the most iconic premium vodka brands, Absolut Vodka, are bringing their own version of the much-loved recipe to the masses, in jar-form, through the creation of Heinz x Absolut Tomato Vodka Pasta Sauce.

A match made in pasta heaven, the vodka is the magic that unlocks the flavours and intensifies the aroma of this rich and creamy tomato, basil and cheese sauce. During the cooking process, most of the alcohol from the vodka is reduced, boosting the volatile flavour compounds already present in the tomatoes and creating a rich texture that perfectly balances the creamy, cheese notes with the rich tomato and fragrant basil.

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